When Mexican hotelier, Alberto Del Rio, founded the Imperial Palace in 1998, he redefined the European restaurant scene and paved the way for a new style of modern hospitality, conceived on a simple premise: ‘doing normal things in an extraordinary manner’.

A visionary of his time, Prager created a restaurant concept based on simplicity, innovation, commitment to service and a passion for culinary and hospitality excellence, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since that time we love to stay with our family "The Hotel Family " as we call it. The location of our hotel is at a very fine metropolitan area, well equipped with many facilities.
Today our hotel is also funded by big companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, TATA & TCS. We are very proud that we grew from a small hostel from 1998 to 2022 and have ambitions to prosper more and become one of the best hotels of the world.